Here’s What Our Patients Are Saying

At Lisa Miller Oral Facial Surgery, we truly strive to offer the most personalized, patient-centered care. We’ve also invested in the latest technology and tools in order to help make your experience comfortable and safe while achieving outstanding results. However, don’t just take our word for it, read on to see what some of our patients have to say about their experience with us.

My small and quick surgery couldn’t have gone any better. I enjoyed their office, and the nurses were awesome! Dr. Lisa Miller is pretty, smart, and great at what she does... I highly recommend!

Mike B.

My son had a tooth extraction with Dr. Miller. He was extremely anxious, but Dr.Miller and her staff were so patient and comforting to him. I would most definitely use her again and would highly recommend her to others in need of an oral surgeon!

Christy B.

Where do I begin? I was experiencing some pain with a few of my teeth and my primary dentist recommends to have them extracted. As you can imagine, I had a few fears; however, my dentist stated he only make recommendations for the best in Birmingham, AL, with Dr. Lisa Miller. After doing a little research, the reviews were great. Earlier on Mon. Jan 6, I called to arrange an appointment and discuss the out of pocket cost. The receptionist said the earliest they could see me was Jan. 14. After hanging up with her, I called back a few hours later to inquire about potentially being seen earlier as I was in some pain, and she stated they could see me tomorrow at 9:15am. I said I’ll take it with no hesitation. When I arrived to complete paperwork and the assistant (Toya) was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dr. Miller was always great, and the phone call this evening to check in on me was great, as she wanted to see how I was doing, and I was able to ask her a few questions. Thank you to the wonderful, and fantastic staff of Lisa Miller Oral Facial Surgery for a positive experience!

Dennis S.

My son had all 4 wisdom teeth removed under sedation, it was an easy and painless procedure for him! He followed the detailed home care instructions, and seriously only had a little soreness! The Stella 3 step rinse is an Awesome product. Dr. miller and her staff are very compassionate, caring and professional at the same time! They are the epitome of the Golden Rule.

Victoria K.

I would recommend Lisa Miller to anyone. She took out all 4 of my wisdom teeth yesterday and did an amazing job. I haven't felt any pain oncesoever and she gave me all the tools that I needed for a speedy recovery. From the very first moment, she made me feel comfortable about everything and reduced my anxiety about the procedure. Definetly 5 stars.

Corey M.

I love Dr. Miller and her staff!! I had a tooth extraction today with bone graft as the first part to the process of an implant. I was so nervous, but everything went so great!! My pain and swelling have been almost non-existent staying on top of my meds and icing my cheek. She even called me tonight to check on me. Thanks so much, Dr. Miller!!

Amy C.

I had an awesome visit! Dr.Miller and her staff were amazing! I needed a wisdom tooth pulled and they extracted it with no pain whatsoever! I would go back and I would definitely recommend them!

Donald T.

Dr. Miller and staff took such great care of my little guy! She acknowledged that my 7 year old was extremely anxious about his tooth extraction and made the appropriate accommodations to ensure that he was comfortable with the procedure. The entire staff is professional from beginning to end. Thank you, Dr. Miller!

Carrie C.

The staff took the best care of my 7 year old son who needed a tooth pulled under anesthesia. They explained everything in detail so he wouldn't be scared. Dr. Miller and her staff were professional and eased all of my worries. A great experience!!!

Ronna Z.

My son his four wisdom removed yesterday and everyone was so great and explained the procedure and the aftercare in great detail. After having a very bad experience with another practice this was wonderful. Dr. Miller called to check on my son as well.

Wendy B.

I had a wisdom tooth removed. The experience from the front to the nurse to de Lisa Miller was amazing. She makes sure you are sedated well. I didn't feel a thing till the time I woke up. They take great care of you there. I would highly recommend her. I wish she did regular dental work.

Jessica O.

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